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The overall theme in my research is to understand the physiology of microorganisms living in deep-sea hydrothermal vent systems by the use of culturing, molecular biology, biochemistry and geochemistry.

Specific questions that I address are:

What is the diversity of energy metabolisms of hydrothermal vents microorganisms?

How do they link the cycling of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur in the system?

Do they have enzymes useful in biotechnology?

Current PhD and master students  (main or co- supervisor)

MSc-student Ida-Marie Leirvåg. Characterization of novel viral proteins - A potential for bioprospecting.

MSc-student Hannah Babel. Metabolic properties of hyperthermophilic sulfate-reducing archaea of the genus Archaeoglobusin deep-sea hydrothermal vent systems.

PhD-candidate Francesca Vulcano (UiB). Short chain hydrocarbon degraders in hydrothermal vents systems on the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge.

PhD-candidate Petra Hribovsek (UiB). Investigating the ecology, evolution and metabolism of novel deep-sea hydrothermal lineages.

PhD-candidate Hasan Arsin (UiB, NorZymeD). Industrial application of proteases deriving from extreme environments.


PhD Anders Schouw (UiB, Biogoldmine). Isolation and genome analysis of Vallitalea guaymasensis L81; energy metabolism, syntrophy and applications - 2018

PhD Jan Vander Roost (UiB, CGB). Iron oxidizing microorganisms at the Jan Mayen hydrothermal vent fields - 2018

PhD Sven Le Moine Bauer (UiB, CGB). Impact of environmental parameters and dispersal on microbial communities in hydrothermal areas of the Nordic Seas -2017

Msc Andreas Gilje Sjøberg. Physiological characterization of a novel strain within Rhodobacteraceae, isolated from a biofilm sample on a barite chimney at the Loki´s Castle Vent Field. - 2016

PhD Juliane Wissuwa (UiB, Biogoldmine). The Arctic mid-Ocean Ridge Vent Fields - A valuable Resource for Marine Bioprospecting? -2016

MSc Sepideh Mostafavi.Metagenome-based analysis of the functional potential of a marine sediment community dominated by ANME-2c. -2015

MSc Sophie Radeke. Diversity, function and interactions of anaerobic methanotrophs in Loki ́s Castle Vent Field. -2015

MSc Victoria Røyseth. Isolering og fysiologisk karakterisering av Marinitoga sp. stamme 2PyrY55-1ᵀ. -2015

PhD William P. Hocking (UiB). Energy conservation mechnisms in the sulfate respiring  archaeon Archaeoglobus fulgidus VC16-assessed by transcriptome analyses and comparative genomics. -2015

PhD Anita-Elin Fedøy (UiB). Structure-function analysis of isocitrate dehydrogenase subfamily II: Adaptations to hot and cold –2014

PhD Steffen L Jørgensen (UiB, CGB). Linking microbial community structure and geochemistry in deep-sea sediments - 2013

PhD Irene Roalkvam (UiB, VISTA). Diversity, stratification and in situ metabolism of anaerobic methanotrophic archaea in Nyegga cold seeps  - 2012

MSc Elisabeth Machteld Biersma. Microbial diversity and function associated with a black smoker from Loki´s Castle vent field. - 2012

MSc Carina Magnussen. Genekspresjon av karbonmonoksid dehydrogenase/acethyl-CoA syntase komplekset og sat-ORF2-aprBA operonet i Arhcaeoglobus fulgidus. - 2010

MSc Irene Roalkvam. Proteomikkstudier av den sulfatreduserende hypertermofile arkéen Archaeoglobus fulgidus - 2008

MSc Solveig Hoem. Diversitet og utbredelse av sulfatreduserende og svoveloksiderende prokaryoter i hydrothermale miljø.  - 2008

PhD Runar Stokke (UiB). Isocitrate dehydrogenase from extremophiles: Molecular adaptations to high temperatures. - 2007

MSc William P. Hocking. Kinetic characterization revealing a possible NADP substrate inhibition mechanism in isocitrate dehydrogenase of the hyperthermophilic archaeon Aeropyrum pernix. - 2007

Syntrophic conversion of amino acids to methane in hydrothermal vent systems -The main focus of this master project will be to reveal the biochemistry behind syntrophic growth on amino acids of Vallitalea guaymasensis L81 and Methanoplanus limicola by cultivation experiments, proteomics and protein chemistry. Vallitalea guaymasensis L81 is a mesophilic, fermentative microorganisms isolated from the Loki´s Castle vent field.

Sulfate reducing bacteria involved in syntrophic conversion of short chain hydrocabons - The main focus of this master project will be to analyze reconstructed genomes of putative sulfate reducing partners involved in anaerobic conversions of short chain hydrocarbons. Based on metabolic predictions, enrichment cultures will be intitiated and growth followed using geochemical and microbiological methods. The main study area will be the Loki´s Castle vent field.

Current and previous projects:

2019-2023:HyPOD: Hydrothermal Production of Organic molecules: carbon transforamtion and Decomposition in ocean crust fluids. Frinatek. P.I. Ass. prof E. Reeves, UiB. Role in project - partner. 

2018-2021:HACON: Hot vents in an ice-covered ocean: the role of the Arctic as a connectivity pathway betweeen ocean basins. Frinatek. P.I. Dr. Eva Ramirez-Llodra, NIVA. Role in project, partner - microbiology. 

2017-2021: KG Jebsen centre for Deep-Sea Research. (leader group)

2016-2021:VIROVAC: Impact of appendicularia on the ecology of marine viruses. Frimedbio. P. I. Jessica L Ray, Norce. Partner.

2016-2019: Virus-X: Viral Metagenomics for innovation Value. H2020. Partner/WP-leader: 


2015-2018: INMARE: Industrial Applications of Marine Enzymes: Innovative screening and expression platforms to discover and use the functional protein diversity from the sea.  H2020. Partner: More info.

2012-2017: NorZymeD: Enzyme development for Norwegian biomass - mining Norwegian biodiversity for seizing Norwegian oppotunities in the bio-based economy. NFR

2012-2015: Better handling of microbial induced corrosion during operation. VISTA 

2011-2016: Mining of a Norwegian biogoldmine through metagenomics. 

2009-2012: Metagenomics and metaproteomics of deep arctic hydrothermal systems. VISTA

2006-2007: Optimalisering av proteomikkverktøy for stuider av fysiologiske prosesser hos mikoorganismer i biogeokjemiske sykluser i ekstreme miljl. Meltzer 

2001-2002: Thermodynamics and structure of thermostable isocitrate dehydrogenase. Postdoc, Karolinska Institute. NorFa. 

1998-2001: Structural and phylogenetic aspects of isocitrate dehydrogenase. NFR.

Research groups