Deep-sea biology

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Images of deep-sea sampling and organisms.

The Deep-Sea Biology research group studies the biodiversity, physiology, ecology and evolution of microbes and animals living in deep-sea ecosystems. We use an interdisciplinary research approach by integrating data from multiple sources (molecular, biochemical, (micro)biological, and geochemical). 

One of our target environments, deep-sea hydrothermal vents, host diverse and highly specialized ecosystems adapted to extreme ecological conditions. We are exploring this unique biodiversity for metabolic traits and as a resource for novel biomolecules for human exploitation. 

Deep-sea ecosystems are reservoirs of largely unknown biodiversity and are already under pressure from multiple anthropogenic and climate stressors. We engage in conservation questions and studies of human impacts of deep-sea benthic ecosystems. 


Professor Ida H. Steen (group leader) 

Researcher Runar Stokke 

Researcher Pedro Ribeiro 

Postdoc Mari Heggernes Eilertsen 

Postdoc Katharina Sass 

Postdoc Hasan Arsin 

PhD-candidate Francesca Vulcano 

PhD-candidate Petra Hribovšek 

PhD-candidate Victoria Røyseth 

PhD-candidate Trong Thuc Nguyen 

PhD-candidate Anna Patova 

Head Engineer Anita-Elin Fedøy 

Head Engineer Solveig Thorkildsen 

Head Engineer David John Rees 

Head Engineer Anders Schouw 

Staff engineer Tone Ulvatn