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Isabelle Hugøy

PhD Candidate
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My PhD project Decarbonising Knowledge? Towards Low-Carbon Agriculture in Costa Rica investigates ways of knowing in times of altering ecologies. It does so by investigating incentives for making the Costa Rican agricultural sector ‘sustainable’ and ‘low-carbon’. This is also a sector which accounts for 40% of the national Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Exploring ways of knowing becomes relevant here, because the industry is built on a certain type of knowledge that has contributed to alter ecologies in ways that have become unsustainable.

The project asks: can efforts to transform an agro-industrialised agricultural sector that is already based on certain ways of knowing destabilise established knowledge dynamics between different actors within and perhaps beyond the sector, and if so, how? In other words, what could potentially be the implications for what I would term ‘decarbonising’ knowledge?

The project is inspired by, and a further development of, my MA project. The latter explored the relationship between visualism, practice and knowledge in context of ecological alteration, through the specific case of the disease coffee leaf rust.


Academic article
  • 2019. Becoming 'Wild' at the Intersection of Knowledges: Coffee Rust Crisis in Costa Rica. Ethnos. 1-21.

More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals
2019. [co-authored with Cecilie V. Ødegaard]. "Becoming 'Wild’ at the Intersection of Knowledges: Coffee Rust Crisis in Costa Rica". Ethnos Journal of Anthropology.

Popular Scientific Articles
2020. [co-authored with Ståle Knudsen]. "Hvor ble det av samfunnsansvaret?". Dagens Næringsliv. 08.01.2020.

Other Publications
2016. “‘Before There Were No Diseases’. Perceiving the Coffee Rust Epidemic at the Intersection of Knowledge Systems”. [Master thesis]. University of Bergen, Norway.