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The project "Enclaving: Patterns of global futures in three African cities" (UrbanEnclavingFutures) explores and maps the unequal distribution of urban resources in separated spaces across cities. In exploring enclaving more broadly, we recognize that social actors co-produce and engage urban spaces.

Based on research in and on Accra, Johannesburg and Maputo we analyze enclaving as a globally emerging cultural orientation, which creates new social forms. By comparing enclaving in these cities, the project contributes to finding solutions for two key challenges of African urban development, namely housing and inequality.

Afternoon rush-hour on Accra´s Circle Road

Finding ways to move through Accra´s traffic

For decades Accra´s traffic has been a huge problem for the city´s development. Long traffic jams in rush hours, road accidents and poor travel conditions for everyone that moves within Accra is a well-known issue in Ghana and a conversation topic for Accra´s inhabitants - like rain and the weather...

drone photo of an abandon buliding site, showing several houses built in a circle formation. Those that have a roof has a bright red roof.

The state of public housing in Ghana

Housing has remained one of the fundamentals of every society. However, in Ghana, most of the population lacks decent and affordable housing; the current housing deficit in Ghana is over 2 million.

Image taken from outside a security fence, showing a road of neat and orderly suburban houses.

Enclaving and neo-liberal city development

Detachment and separation continue to be central to urban development across the globe, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Will enclaving—the construction of these detached societies—further fuel socio-economic differences?  


Insiders and outsiders of Accra’s gated communities

For years Edwige Yekple used to walk past the area where she is now doing research. One day, however, the gated community in the middle of the village caught her attention. Asking herself “why is there a gated community inside the village?” Edwige started developing her research project. Gradually,...

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Katembe, Maputo

Spatial detachment as an aesthetics of imagination

What are the drives behind the recent developments in sub-Saharan African cities, and how can we understand the new forms of spatial segregation emerging in Africa’s urban spaces? These are some of the questions asked by Nielsen, Sumich and Bertelsen in their recent publication in Urban Studies.