Urban Enclaving Futures

New article published

Urban Enclaving Future's co-director Jason Sumich has published the article "Building walls to tame time: Enclaves and the enduring power of failure" in Economy and Society.

View of a commercial sign in Maputo
Photo by Kerrin Naude on Un

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In this paper, Sumich explores the ways in which the construction of enclaves became central to utopian attempts of social engineering and how their legacies shape contemporary society despite the failures of these projects. By focusing on the role of enclaving, in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, he demonstrates how it derives its power as a walled remnant of the resuscitation of past utopian goals and simultaneously, by being presented as a solution to current festering urban problems, often themselves the result of previous attempts of enclaving. Rather than solely acting as an outgrowth of the most exclusionary aspects of contemporary capitalism, Sumich argues that enclaving is a highly malleable strategy of enacting power despite its enduring failure. 

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