New PhD student

PhD project on the elderly's public connection

Solveig Kristine Bortne Høegh-Krohn joins the PREPARE research team to study the elderly and the public sphere.

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Özlem Demirkol Tønnesen

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Solveig joined the project on September 1st, and will be working on her ph.d project and teaching at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies until autumn 2027. She will focus her attention and research on how elderly people on the west coast of Norway perceive and use media, and what that means for their ability to connect, engage and interact with the public sphere. Her project will form part of a portfolio of sub-projects that lay the foundation for the theory-building work in PREPARE.

Solveig has a masters in media studies and has worked as a journalist in several local news papers. For the past year, she has been working as a researcher in the MUCS project lead by professor Brita Ytre-Arne. In MUCS she interviewed people in rural and urban areas on the weast coast of Norway, researching how they use media and news in their everyday lives, and analyzing the way they perceive crisis stories such as the pandemic, the war in Ukraine or the climate crisis.

Welcome to PREPARE, Solveig!