A Narratology of Criminal Cases

Interdisciplinary research project on stories and storytelling as a basic cultural condition underlying the Norwegian criminal process.

Project Leader: Frode Helmich Pedersen

Researchers :

SAMKUL Research Project

This interdisciplinary project’s principal aim is to gain a better understanding of the way stories work within the Norwegian legal system through narratological theory and analyses. 

Telling stories has always been central to human existence. Through stories we make sense of ourselves and of the actions of others. Storytelling is therefore central to any criminal process. No sequence of human events can be properly understood except through the use of storytelling. Stories abound throughout the criminal process: Stories told by the police, by the witnesses, defendants, expert witnesses, lawyers, and finally by the judges and jurors. It is therefore reasonable to assume that storytelling influence the outcome of the criminal case. 

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New Book

New Anniversary Edition of Pioneer Work of Law and Literature

James Boyd White's book "The Legal Imagination", a work generally considered as having inaugurated the law and literature movement, is celebrated with an 45th anniversary edition.


New Articles on the Baneheia Murders

Frode Helmich Pedersen with two new articles about the murder case

Workshop: "Narrating crimes"

New Perspectives on “Narrating Crimes”

The first worshop organized by the Narratology of Criminal Cases project brought new perspectives on how crimes are narrated both in legal contexts and in the broader culture.