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New Articles on the Baneheia Murders

Frode Helmich Pedersen with two new articles about the murder case

Baneheia: Tredje stampe
Vidar Metveit

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The project’s leader Frode Helmich Pedersen has recently published two articles about the Baneheia murder case. Both articles are written in Norwegian.

The first article is published in Retfeard. Nordic Journal of Law and Justice and is primarily concerned with the plausibility of the narrative of facts in the judgement issued by Kristiansand District Court in 2001, where both the defendants were convicted.

The analysis is based on the premise that an implausible narrative in a judgement of conviction should be regarded as a strong indication that the standard of proof for criminal cases has not been met.  

Helmich Pedersen’s article concludes that the court’s narrative in the Baneheia case cannot be regarded as plausible, which makes the decision highly problematic, especially with regard to one of the defendants, who may have been wrongly convicted.  

The article is temporarily available at the journal’s website.

In the second article, published in the Norwegian literary journal Vinduet, Helmich Pedersen presents a critical analysis of the evidentiary situation in the Baneheia murder case, such as the case stands today. The article is available here.

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