Quality in Education

Education reports

Each department and faculty must prepare an annual report on its educational activities the preceding calendar year by 1 April.

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Each faculty’s education report must be based on the departments’ education reports and/or course and programme reports.

The education report must include a description and assessment of the quality of the faculty’s/department’s study programmes and an overview of the results and measures used in the quality assurance efforts and describe particular challenges. The report must include a discussion of the learning environment (infrastructure, framework conditions, etc.). Reports must discuss plans for the educational activities and quality assurance work for the coming year, including plans for programme evaluations and results from recent evaluations.

The department’s and faculties’ education reports are extremely important for quality assurance of the study programmes at the university. For this reason both academic staff and students must be included in preparing and discussing the content of education reports.

The annual education report for the institution is prepared on the basis of the faculties’ education report. This report is intended to provide an overall assessment of the study quality of the institution, as well as an overview of the strategy and measures for quality assurance. The education report is the first notification from the faculties on which programmes they wish to establish or discontinue, and it also includes a proposal for the internal allocation of places for the next year (dimensioning of the programme). The Education Committee processes the education report before this is presented to the University Board. The education report form the basis for the long-term planning of education activities at the university.

The education report shall conclude with an overall assessment and provide proposals for measures and topics for further development in the years to come. This provides a basis for resource management and priorities in subsequent budgets at the department, faculty and institution levels.