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UiB offers skills development through a number of different measures. The aim is to increase knowledge about research ethics among both students and academic staff. 

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Some of the training measures at UiB aim to increase knowledge about research ethics among employees and students, while others will raise awareness of the topic and contribute to a healthy research ethics culture.  

Below is an overview of the courses, training and events you can attend at UiB.  

An Introduction to Research Ethics  

The aim of this course is to give a brief introduction to the basics of research ethics so that all academic staff are familiar with the recognized research ethical guidelines, what the responsibility is both the institution and the individual researcher is to ensure that the research is ethically sound, and how the University of Bergen handles cases of possible scientific misconduct.

To sign up click here introduction to research ethics, and then "Meld deg på Innøføring i forskningsetikk" (sign up for an Introduction to Research Ethics). The course takes about 15 minutes to complete and is in Norewgian and English.

Faculty of Medicine  

Health researchers must familiarise themselves with the special regulations that apply to health research and the approval regime for the projects, as well as requirements during the project.  The Processing personal data in medical and health research course has been developed by the Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with the Data Protection Officer.  

Management training  

UiB integrates research ethics in several existing leadership development arenas.  

Head of Department Programme 

The Head of Department Programme is the meeting arena for the Rectorate and the heads of department, with two half-day sessions per semester. 

Administrative Mid-level Manager Programme 

UiB offers management development for administrative mid-level managers through its Administrative Mid-level Management Programme. The 8th group will start in the autumn of 2023.  

Appraisal interviews and research ethics  

During the spring semester, UiB will integrate research ethics as a topic in appraisal interview templates for all academic staff.  

Updated templates can be found in the management and employee handbook.  

PhD courses 

Here is an overview of how ethics is covered in PhD programmes at the various UiB faculties.   

The Faculty of Humanities  

Here is more information about ethics in the training component for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Humanities.  

The Faculty of Law  

At the Faculty of Law, ethics is one of the topics included in the PHDJUR901 Legal Sources and the Diversity of Law course. In addition, there is an element of philosophy of science in other courses, such as PHDJUR903 Law and Empiricism - where research ethics standards are one of the topics.  

See the Faculty of Law website for more information.   

The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design  

The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design follows the Faculty of Humanities’ training programme for ethics

You can also find more information about ethics at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design website.  

The Faculty of Medicine   

On the Faculty of Medicine website, you will find an overview of the courses included in the training for PhD candidates in philosophy of science and ethics.  

The Faculty of Psychology  

At the Faculty of Psychology, ethics training is included in the compulsory PS901 PhD course.   

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences   

The course in philosophy of science and ethics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is a compulsory part of research education and carries 5 credits/ETCS.  

The Faculty of Social Sciences  

Here is more information about ethics in the training component at the Faculty of Social Sciences.