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Humane endpoints

Refinement by use of early humane endpoints

The animal research regulation say the that methods and test strategies shall be planned to prevent, eliminate or minimize pain, suffering and distress Death as and endpoint shall be avoided

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§ 9.Replcaement reduction and refinement

  • Live animals shall not be used if objectives can be achieved by alternative methods or test strategies
  • Use no more animals than what is necessary to achieve objectives with a certain level of precision
  • Methods and procedures shall be continuously improved to avoid, prevent, eliminate, or minimize any pain, suffering and distress. This demand also applies for breeding, housing and care for the animals

Choice of earlier more humane endpoints is a way to refine animal studies.

Choice of earlier more humane endpoints reduce severity of animal studies

Examples of earlier and more humane endpoints

On norecopas wiki you can find examples of earlier endpoints and alternatives to death


Is a collaboration aimung to improve welfare in fish studies by refinement of endpoints

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