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Vablig dag på Dyreavdelingen - sjekk av mus
Aurora Brønstad

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Contact the lab animal facility

E-mail to the Lab animal facility: post@viv.uib.no

Veterinarians 0047 55 97 37 82 or -77

Contact Vivarium

Phone 0047 55 97 37 88

Fax 0047 55 97 37 97

Building/equipment 0047 55 97 37 91


Contact BBB

Phone 0047 55 58 63 15



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Animal Care staff

Animal care staff can answer questions on animal care, handling, ordering and other questions related to animal care They are available at the animal facilities or on phone (Vivarium 55 97 37 88 or BBB 55 58 63 15)


Dyreavdelingen belongs to the Department of Clinical Medicine at The Faculty of Medicine and is mainly located at the 7th floor in the laboraty building. See contact information.
studie@kliniskmedisin.uib.no for education in LAS

Elisabeth Bjerke – economy

Head of animal facility  Aurora Brønstad phone 55973782, mail aurora.bronstad@uib.no.