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Export of animals

All information below regarding the shipment must be filled out before the Lab Animal Facility can start the export process.

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How to prepare for export


The export papers connected to an export of lab animals to an EU country is:

  1. Health certificate
  2. Customs invoice
  3. Health monitoring report for the animals
  4. Intra trade certificate for trading in the European union and the EEA countries

Document 1- 3 will be issued by the Lab Animal Facility’s veterinarian and can be picked up at the fourth floor at Viviarium.

You will be notified when they are ready.

The intra trade certificate must be collected at the local office of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) at Marineholme, 5003 Bergen. The intra trade certificate is issued by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority as close to the shipping day as possible (usually the day before) because of time limitations of validity.


Some countries require additional certificates. You are responsible for contacting the importing country’s authorities regarding their legislation on import and if they need additional information or a certificate specific for that country.  

You are also responsible for informing the consignee about the animal’s health status and get expectance from the consignee to receive the animals (in writing). The Lab Animal Facility can provide the health monitoring report for the animals so it can be evaluated by the consignee.


You also need to contact the transport company and make arrangements regarding the shipment.

You need to order the shipment by the transport company at least one week before the shipping day, and the documents issued by the veterinarian at the Lab Animal Facility must be ready by then (the transport company required a copy of the documents to accept the order).

Start the process: Information to be filled out

To collect all information correctly, please fill in this form

Also send a table with the following information for each animal


Method of identification

Identification number




Today World Courier is the only company in Norway which ships live animals. You can make an preliminary order with them, and then send them the certificates issued by the Lab Animal Veterinarian afterwards (the information given to us on this from is necessary to produce the documents the transport company requires, but that also include which transport company is used).

If you have any questions you can contact us at vetpost@uib.no