The Laboratory Animal Facility

Practical information - after you have started your project

Information to the research groups using the Lab Animal Facility, useful when you have started your lab animal project(s).

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Changes of an approved protocol

If you need to do changes in a project approved  by Mattilsynet you have to apply for this in FOTS (Application for changes)

You have to update the project summary that shall include the following:

  1. Purpose of the study
  2. Expected harm/severity for the animals
  3. Expected benefit for science or society
  4. How many and what kind of animals will be used (totally in this experiment)
  5. How are compliance with the requirements for replacement, reduction and refinement safeguarded

I must be made clear how changes will influence animals, how many aniamls that are influenced by the change and you have to update the severity classification, see http://org.uib.no/dyreavd/Classificationseverity.pdf for more information

For minor changes that do not have any negavitve impat on animals you only have to send a “Notification about changes” in FOTS