The Laboratory Animal Facility

Moving animals between the units

Moving animals in the Lab Animal Facility

In the Lab Animal Facility there are both "clean" and "dirty" zones. You must therefore take care when moving animals from one zone, room or between units.

It is especially important to be careful to protect breeding strains and prevent accidental infection from other animals. A bacteria that is "normal" for one animal, might be lethal for an immune compromized animal, and also cause unexplained changes in the research results.

Before all movements of animals from a housing unit to another, you need to get a permit from the facility's veterinarian or manager.

If animal movements are necessary, this must be addressed in the project start-up meeting.

Transfer must be agreed with the staff at the Lab Animal Facility. They will provide information on how to move the animals. This applies both to transport route and use of protective equipment.

Moving animals from one project to another, the animals must be enrolled from one project to the other in the FOTS protocol and the Lab Animal Facility's systems. This is important because we are required to report the use of animals of each project number, and because we are required to keep track of which animals belongs to which project.