The Laboratory Animal Facility
Reporting insidents and concerns

Reporting unwanted incidents

Notify the animal facility as soon as possible if there is something wrong with the equipment or building. We also greatly appreciate receiving a notification if you or another has been injured, you believe that routines are broken, animals have not received the care they need, dangerous situations arising from neglect of safety considerations etc

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All reported incidents and accidents are reviewed in the Animal Welfare Body and used systematically in improvement work

Reporting incidents and accidents  (HMS avvik)

NonconformityDeviations and undesirable incidents for people and equipment must be reported.

UiB has adopted an electronic deviation system UiBhjelp to be used for accidents and incidents

Here you shall report

  • Violence of HES-regulations and procedures
  • Issues that may violate fore security
  • Thefts or vandalism
  • Personal injuries on campus
  • Unwanted incidents in the laboratory

If you do not have UiB user access, have to report insidents or accidents to your emplyer.

If you think you see a problem the animal facility should to fix you can report it here

Animal wefare concerns

You can report animal welfare concerns directly via this link

Read more abour reporting animal welfare concerns here.

Other feedback, criticism and praise, suggestions for improvements

If you have other feedback, criticism and praise, suggestions for improvements you can post it here