‘The Tooth Bank’ project received grants from Tannlege Einar Bergersens Legat

‘The Tooth Bank’ at the Department of Clinical Dentistry received substantial grants from Tannlege Einar Bergersens Legat for 2013

Kristin Klock, Helene M. Tvinnereim (right)
Kristin Klock, Helene M. Tvinnereim (right)
N. R. Gjerdet

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Tannlege Einar Bergersens Legat, a private foundation, awarded approximately EUR 23,000 to the project ‘MoBaTann’ at the Department of Clinical Dentistry. MoBaTann is an acronym for "The Norwegian Mother and Child Research Biobank for Milk Teeth." The biobank is established and operated by the department. Teeth are collected among the participants as a part of the nationwide cohort study "The Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study" (MoBa), run by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. More than 100,000 pregnant women participate and their children are followed up during the years after birth. The collected milk teeth are to be used as biomarkers of exposure to environmental contaminants and occurrence of diseases during the children’s early years. The teeth may be made available to researchers with relevant projects, following application to the National Institute of Public Health.

There are now over 17,000 milk teeth recorded and stored in the 'Tooth bank'. The grant will be used for infrastructure development as well as development of analytical methods applied to the collected teeth.

The project managers are Kristin Klock (Professor) and Helene Meyer Tvinnereim (Emerita).

About the project (from Norwegian Institute of Public Health)