News archive for Biomaterials

Victoria Xenaki defended her thesis for the PhD-degree at the University of Bergen on the 23 of May. The title of the thesis is: " Nanosafety aspects: Dental health care workers’ perception of nanomaterials and in vitro nanotoxicity assessment using new approach methodologies ".
The Workshop “New Approach Methodologies for NanoSafety” and the “NanoBioReal” Project meeting were held in Bergen on March 30th and March 31st, 2023. Safety assessment is essential for the successful implementation of scientific breakthroughs in nanomaterial science and nano-enabled technologies that address global societal challenges.
Congratulations to Ragnhild E. Krage (to the right) and Margit Hågå who won the student research price at the Norwegian Dental Association Meeting (November 2023). Here they are together with the president of the Norwegian Dental Association, Heming Olsen-Bergem.
Medical student Michelle Khan started her summer stipend at Biomatlab. It is also the start of her Medical Student Research Programme with a project entitled "Modern cementing techniques in total knee arthroplasty".
Dr. Ines Kutzner has received funding from the Research Council of Norway to investigate mechanisms behind loosening of knee prostheses
Vibeke Ansteinsson defended her PhD thesis on biological responses to particles and monomers used in dental filling materials
‘The Tooth Bank’ at the Department of Clinical Dentistry received substantial grants from Tannlege Einar Bergersens Legat for 2013
Zouhir Ekeland Allouni defended his thesis on titanium dioxide nanoparticles and cellullar interactions, with the assistance of video conferencing
Characterization of mechanical properties of natural and synthetic biomaterials
The US - Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange welcomed and honoured the 2012-13 United States Fulbright grantees to Norway at the Nobel Institute in Oslo August 9th
MSc in biomedical physics at BioMatLab
Long Giang Nguyen investigates properties of nylon-based materials
Projects related to particles from implants
Peter Ellison has received a postdoctor position, with a project to investigate reasons for failures of joint prostheses
Dr scient. Paul Johan Høl at the Department of Surgical Sciences receives a three-year grant from Bergen Medical Research Foundation (BMFS)
The ash clouds and air traffic chaos called for improvisation
Biomaterials is now established in the new Labororatory building at Haukeland University Hospital