Amanda Pellowe awarded Fulbright grant

The US - Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange welcomed and honoured the 2012-13 United States Fulbright grantees to Norway at the Nobel Institute in Oslo August 9th

Paul J. Høl

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Amanda Pellowe who just graduated with a BSc from Gettysburg College was one of the  winners who received the Fulbright grant. She will work at Biomaterial laboratory at Surgical Sciences, University of Bergen. The 10-month project starts in August 2012, in compliance with the Fulbright Norway Grant period.

The supervisors are Prof. Nils Roar Gjerdet, the head of the Biomaterial Research Cluster, and PhD Paul Johan Høl, a Bergen Medical Research Foundation researcher.

The purpose of Amanda Pellowe´s research project is to investigate immune responses induced by surgical implants and the role that nanoparticles and metal ions may have in eliciting such responses. The short term goal of her research project is to develop a more accurate way to test metal sensitivity, and the long term goal is to create an understanding of how such allergic reactions occur.