Bergen Cancer Imaging Research Group (BCIRG)

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MR signal intensity curves from different regions of interest (ROIs) based on dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in uterine cancer.
MR signal intensity curves from different regions of interest (ROIs) based on dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI in uterine cancer.

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Multiparametric imaging of normal function and diseases in urogenital organs

(Professor Jarle Rørvik).    

Our research group aims to develop knowledge and competences to establish robust techniques for image acquisition, analysis and visualisation for assessment of abdominal organ function and diseases. This will be achieved by a trans-disciplinary research group (mathematicians, physicists, researcher in computer science and biomedicine, radiographers, radiologists and clinicians) collaborating with national and international co-workers using the new imaging labs at HUS and UIB. Five subgoals have been defined:

  1. Establish a framework for optimizing robust acquisition techniques used by different modalities in abdominal organs
  2. Development and implementation of robust processing and analysis methods for global and local quantitation of image-derived structural and functional measures in abdominal organs.
  3. Develop advanced visualisation and analysis of multiparametric and multimodal imaging
  4. Establish a framework for optimizing and evaluation of clinical feasibility
  5. Clinical studies

PhD- / Postdoc- students/co-workers/collaborators: Eli Eikefjord, Lars Reisæter, Are Losnegård, Jan Anker Monssen, Erling Andersen, Martin Biermann, Lars A Akslen, Ole Johan Halvorsen, Christian Beisland, Arvid Lundervold, Erlend Hodneland, Erik Hanson, Antonella Munthe-Kaas.Oliver M Geier (N); Frank Zøllner (D), Jan Modersitzki (D), Steven Sourbron (UK)


Functional imaging for individualised cancer treatment (Professor Ingfrid Haldorsen).

The research group aims to:

  1. Explore functional imaging findings i.e. potential imaging biomarkers that predict advanced tumor stage, lymph node metastases and reduced survival in patients with uterine cancers.
  2. Validate and compare these imaging biomarkers with established histomorphological and molecular biomarkers in uterine cancers.
  3. Implement these imaging biomarkers in the preoperative risk stratification to enable better tailored and individualized treatment of uterine cancers.
  4. Explore functional imaging findings in an orthotopic animal model of primary and metastatic lesions of uterine cancers.
  5. Explore imaging characteristics as tools to detect early drug response in orthotopic tumour grafts.

PhD students/co-workers/national collaborators: Jenny A Husby, Sigmund- Ytre-Hauge, Njål Brekke, Anna Berg, Inger Johanne Magnussen, Renate Grüner, Torfinn Taxt, Bernt Reitan, Tom Kristian Adamsen, Cecilie Brekke Rygh, Martin Biermann, Øyvind Salvesen, Arvid Lundervold, Tina Pavlin, Jone Trovik, Lars A. Akslen, Ingunn Stefansson, Camilla Krakstad, Emmet McCormack and Helga B. Salvesen.


Pancreatic imaging in pancreatic disease (Professor Ingfrid S.Haldorsen).

This research group aims to:

  1. Provide morphological and functional pancreatic imaging findings in patients with pancreatic exocrine and endocrine disease enabling increased understanding of the pathogenic mechanisms leading to pancreatic diseases.
  2. Promote individualized diagnostics and treatment in patients with pancreatic disease.

PhD students/co-workers/local collaborators: Gaute K Wathle, Lars Ersland, Pål R. Njølstad, Anders Molven, Helge Ræder, Erling Tjora, Øyvind Salvesen, Trond Engjom, Birger Lærum, Georg Dimcevski.

International co-workers/collaborators: Asbjørn Mohr Drewes (DK), Jens Frøkjær (DK), Andrew Hattersley (UK).