Prostate Cancer Therapy Research Group

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Back row from left to right: Yaping Hua, Kristina Førde, Benjamin Gabriel, Karl-Henning Kalland, Seyed Mohammed Lellahi, Hua My Hoang. Front row: Rebecca Nguyen, Waqas Azeem, Minh Thu Le, Anne Margrete Øyan

The Cancer Immunotherapy Research Group is headed by Professor Karl-Henning Kalland and has long experience in advanced molecular studies of gene expression regulation in normal cells, virus-infected cells, immune cells and cancer cells. The research is currently implemented in a dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapy, named cryoimmunotherapy (CryoIT).

In the photo: Behind from the left: Yaping HUA, Kristina Førde, Ben Gabriel, Karl-Henning Kalland, Seyed Mohammad Lellahi, Hua My Hoang. Front from the left: Rebecca Nguyen, Waqas Azeem, Le Minh Thu, Anne Margrete Øyan

The group is an authorized Research Group of the Norwegian Cancer Society.

Group leader Karl-Henning Kalland is Principal Investigator of Centre of Excellence CCBIO: Centre for Cancer Biomarkers CCBIO | University of Bergen (uib.no).