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The Prostate Cancer Therapy Research Group is headed by Professor Karl-Henning Kalland and has long experience in advanced molecular studies of gene expression regulation in normal cells, virus-infected cells and cancer cells. Our aim is to: 

1) understand signal transduction pathway activation and hierarchies of transcriptional regulation which are associated with important cancer hallmarks of the model. Currently the IL6/STAT3 and WNT/Beta-catenin pathways and the transcription factors androgen receptor (AR), FOXA1, NKX3-1 and TP63 are focused.  

2)  to develop anti-cancer drugs in innovative combination strategies. Leading compound discovery is coupled to molecular target identification.

3) to identify and isolate circulating cancer cells from peripheral blood of cancer patients. The aim is to examine how malignant cells of our model capture essential features of circulating cancer cells.


Collaborators for Cryoimmunotherapy   

Radiology- Martin BiermannJarle Rørvik, Lars Anders Rokne Reisæter

Patology – Ole Johan Halvorsen

LKB – Mia Hjelle

Microbiology – Tore Elling Ulvestad

Radium Hospital Department of Cell Therapy- Gunnar Kvalheim

Clinical Research Post- Bjørn Tore Gjertsen, Medical advisor

Urology- Christian Beisland, Principal Investigator

Oncology- Svein Inge Helle

Immunology and transfusion medicine- Einar K. Kristoffersen

The research was supported by Einar Galtung Døsvig, Espen Galtung Døsvig, Jan Einar Greve, Thorstein Selvik, Kåre Rommetveit, Trond Mohn, Herman Friele, Bjarne Rieber, Tordis and Fritz C. Rieber’s legacy, Bergen Research Foundation, Helse Vest (grants 911778, 911626, 911747), the Norwegian Cancer Society.

Cancer cell

Recycling approved drugs for cancer treatment

Researchers at the University of Bergen have discovered that a drug against kidney cancer possibly can fight several types of cancer.

Highlighted publication
Zebrafish tail photos from the experiment.

Repurposing drugs in the spotlight

A publication in PNAS by researchers from the Department of Clinical Science and CCBIO was selected to be highlighted in the Editors' Choice section of Science Signaling, the weekly journal from the publisher of Science magazine, and has been selected for an Editorial feature that will be...

Funding of cryoimmunotherapy project
Kryoimmunterapi-teamet i gang i operasjonssalen.

FORNY2020 funding to the BTO project CryoIT

The BTO project CryoIT has received 10 million NOK from the Research Council of Norway’s FORNY2020 program. The project develops a new form of immunotherapy against prostate cancer, called cryoimmunotherapy, which can also be adapted to treat different types of cancer. The project belongs to...

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Cancer Cells and Reprogramming Plasticity

Professor Kalland is directing the Prostate Cancer Therapy Research Group at the Department of Clinical Science. The Kalland group pursues a drug discovery and development program and dendritic cell-based cryo-immunotherapy (CryoIT) against cancer.

Close-up photo of cancer cells

Attacking cancer’s command centre

Researchers at the University of Bergen analyse cancer stem cells to find solutions for the disease.

Advanced equipment:

Miltenyi CliniMACS Prodigy, ABI PRISM ® 7900HT. Sequence Detection System , Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer instruments, Bio-Tek Cytation 5 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader.