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The Cultural is Political: Intersections of Russian Art and State Politics

In the last decade, culture and art have become arenas of forceful political controversy in Russia.

Dinara Yangeldina

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Bringing together an international group of scholars from various disciplines – Russian media studies, the history of ideas, political science, literature and gender studies – this book combines assessments of Russian cultural policies, political ideologies and intellectual trends with case studies on Russian literature, film, rap and memory culture.

The book is open access, published by Slavica Bergensia.


The Cultural is Political: Introduction – Irina Anisimova & Ingunn Lunde

The Sources of Russia’s Transgressive Conservatism: Cultural Sovereignty and the Monopolization of Bespredel – Jardar Østbø

The Constitution of the Current State: Article 13 and Russian Cultural Politics – Ulrich Schmid

Russian Civilizationism at the Turn of a New Decade: The Case of Academia – Kåre Johan Mjør

#Russianrapisracist vs #RussianNaziPurgeParty: On Geopolitics, Trolling and the Mistranslation of Race in a Twitter Controversy – Dinara Yangeldina

From Celebrated Novel to Media Outrage: The Public Debate Surrounding the Miniseries Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes – Irina Anisimova

Battle for the North: Russian Cyberconflict over Commemorating the Red Army’s Liberation of Northern Norway – Johanne Kalsaas

The Violent Frame: Vladimir Sorokin’s “White Square” – Stehn Aztlan Mortensen

The Incarnation of the Past: Sergei Lebedev’s Poetics of Memory – Ingunn Lunde