Research Group for East Slavic Languages, Societies and Cultures

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St Sofia monastery, Kyiv

Core leadership group: 

Ingunn Lunde (head of research group)

Johanne Kalsaas

The research group for East Slavic Languages, Societies and Cultures (formerly RG contemporary Russia) was established 2018. It is a cross-faculty research group with a core group affiliated with the Department of Foreign Languages, UiB. The group builds on research milieus, competences and networks that were developed through two NRF-financed FRIPRO projects 2005–2008 and 2009–2013 led by Ingunn Lunde. The group has members from the Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at UiB, as well as national and international networks.

The group’s ambition is to be an active platform and creative community for research and research dissemination, PhD education, proposal-writing, cooperation and public outreach within fields linked to the multilingual and multicultural East Slavic societies, as well as neighbouring areas.

The group has regular working seminars with discussions of paper, article or proposal drafts, journal club meetings, organizes guest lectures, workshops and public events, and engages in research dissemination for various audiences.