Research group for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

Big master's thesis & the student research programme

At the Faculty of Law it is possible to write aa big master's thesis at the JUS397 The student research programme (70 credits) or JUS396 Master's thesis (60 credits).

Main content

We have students who both write grandmasters and belong to he student research programme associated to the research group in criminal law and criminal procedure.

Big master's thesis

Frida Kulleseid master's project is about "What national and international restrictions apply to the right to set special conditions for conditional imprisonment, and are there special restrictions for the application of the Penal Code § 37 k)?".

The student research programme

Malin Skogstad Aaen writes about "The prosecuting authority's duty of objectivity when the prosecution issue is assessed and during the reprimand". She is also associated with the police and prosecution project (politi- og påtaleprosjektet) and has been awarded a scholarship. 

Anna Regine Arntsen master's project is about what is considered as "threatening behavior" in the Penal Code § 291 a.

Jakob Mykland Revheim writes about the Penal Code § 311, which prohibits dealing with "representation of sexual abuse of children or representation that sexualizes children". More specifically, the thesis will analyze what is the applicable law related to the condition "production", then especially focused on a question of how this condition should be delimited.