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Bergen Lecture

Bergen Lecture 2012 and Symposium: Challenges to Contemporary Criminal Law

The Research group for criminal law and criminal procedure invites you to Bergen Lecture 2012 and Symposium on «Challenges to Contemporary Criminal Law», 26-27 September.

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Bergen Lecture is open to all interested

Bergen Lecture

Bergen Lecture in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice is an annual lecture given at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen by a distinguished international expert on criminal law and criminal justice. This year the lecture will be given by Prof. dr. Thomas Weigend, University of Cologne.

In his lecture, Prof. Weigend will address the subject «Contemporary and Future Challenges to Criminal Law: Comparative Reflections». He will talk about the role and functions of the criminal law in light of recent developments, and he will speculate as to where criminal law is headed in a world characterized by European harmonization and a worldwide debate on international crimes. 

Symposium: Challenges to Contemporary Criminal Law

With the contemporary transformation of criminal law to a complex body of national and international dimensions, knowledge exchange and comparison receive increased attention and importance. This symposium, with distinguished experts on criminal law, seeks to contribute to the exchange of knowledge between criminal law's national, regional and international levels.

Each section of this symposium is composed of reflections on central subjects in criminal law from both a Norwegian, a Nordic and an international point of view, reflections that precisely seek to respond to the need for communication across different kinds of boarders - geographical and institutional.

Registration deadline: 31 August 2012

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Wednesday 26 September

Wednesday 26 September

Auditorium 3

Bergen Lecture


Introduction by the Dean of the faculty, Prof. Asbjørn Strandbakken

  Prof. Thomas Weigend:
«Contemporary and Future Challenges to Criminal Law: Comparative Reflections»
12:00-13:00  Lunch
Seminar room 2

Symposium: Challenges to Contemporary Criminal Law


Session one: The Future of the Criminal Law Doctrine
Chair: Post doc. Annika Suominen (Bergen)

«The Norwegian Concept of Crime - a Comparative Perspective» by Post doc. Jørn Jacobsen (Bergen)

«The Nordic Criminal Law Doctrine in a European Setting – Challenges and Potential» by Prof. Dan Frände (Helsinki)

Comments by Prof. Magnus Ulväng (Uppsala)

14:45-15:15  Coffee break

Session two: Police, Procedure and Punishment
Chair: Prof. Ragna Aarli (Bergen)

«Harmonization of rules on sentencing - the Swedish sentencing system as a model?» by Prof. Petter Asp (Stockholm)

«The Future of Police Law – European Law from a Nordic Perspective» by Prof. Thomas Elholm (Odense)

«Comparative Reflections on Issues in Criminal Procedure and Criminal Law» by Prof. William Pizzi (Colorado)

19:00 Dinner

Thursday 27 September

Thursday 27 September

Seminar room 2

Symposium: Challenges to Contemporary Criminal Law


Session three: Legislation, courts and science in change?
Chair: Prof. Jørn Øyrehagen Sunde (Bergen)

«What Role for the Legislator in Future Criminal Law – Norwegian Experiences» by Prof. Erling Johannes Husabø (Bergen)

«The comparative method in European Courts: A comparison between ECJ and ECHR?» by Prof. Sabine Gless (Basel)

«Unity trough science? A common comparative framework for transnational criminal law» by Assistant Prof. Linda Gröning (Bergen)

10:45-11:15 Closing Comment: Prof. Thomas Weigend



End of conference