Research Group Electronic Literature
ELO 2015

A Festival of Electronic Literature: Open Events at ELO 2015

Exhibitions and performances of electronic literature are open to the public as part of the 2015 international electronic literature conference and festival, ELO 2015.

Screenshot from Fish Net Stockings.
The installation “Fish Net Stockings” by Joellyn Rock and Alison Aune uses hybrid media to tell the story of a world where mermaids exists, and is part of the ELO2015 Hybridity exhibition at Lydgalleriet.
Joellyn Rock

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In August 2015, UiB's Electronic Literature Research Group is host to the annual international conference and festival for electronic literature, ELO2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature. In addition to the extensive academic program, ELO 2015 includes a number of events that are open to the general public, and where admittance is free: five exhibitions, two performance nights and an afternoon of academic presentations on electronic literature for children. The links below provide full information. 

The Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) was founded in 1999 by UiB's Scott Rettberg, then a Chicago-based author and scholar, with novelist Robert Coover and internet business leader Jeff Ballowe. In 2015 Scott Rettberg is conference chair for the ELO annual conference. Jill Walker Rettberg is program chair, and Roderick Coover (Temple University) is arts chair.