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Exhibitions and performances of electronic literature are open to the public as part of the 2015 international electronic literature conference and festival, ELO 2015.
Professor Scott Rettberg presents hybrid virtual reality project about battlefield torture at Human Rights Human Wrong Festival Documentary Film Festival in Oslo.
Bergen is the 2015 host of the international Electronic Literature Organization conference, and has received a record number of submissions from scholars and artists around the world.
Digital Humanities is a new term in Norway, and there is still debate as to whether or not to use the name at all. Jill Walker Rettberg reports from a seminar discussing this issue held at the University of Oslo last week. She also presented the ELMCIP project to the seminar.
After a year as a Fulbright scholar at UiB, we are sorry to say goodbye to Leonardo Flores.
Four members of the Electronic Literature Research Group at UiB will present their research in a joint panel at the ELO conference in Paris this year, "Chercher le texte".
The cross-references in the ELMCIP Knowledge Base are what really make it valuable. Here is an exemplary entry, with extensive references to works discussed and further documentation.
HERA: Humanities in the European Research Area funded the production of a short documentary based on the Remediating the Social Conference and Exhibition, and which provides a general introduction to the ELMCIP project and a summary of its results.
The 2012 Electronic Literature Research Group annual report is now available.
Coming from the Universidad de Puerto Rico, Leonardo Flores will spend a year in Bergen, combining teaching and research.
The Electronic Literature Research Group is hosting an international workshop on Databases and Bibliographic Standards for Electronic Literature.
The first public event of the newly founded research group for electronic literature at LLE led to both theoretical discussions and enjoyment.