Evolutionary ecology
Field expedition

Sampling at Myravatn

Some additional samples from Lake Myravatn were needed, and Ingrid Wathne and her colleagues went once again to the lake, this time in beautiful (but rainy) autumn setting.

Two persons sampling with a plankton net from a boat on a rainy autumn day
Hauling in the plankton net at Lake Myravatn
Mikko Heino

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Only one of two large daphnid species, Daphnia longispina, has survived the invasion by perch. However, there is suspicion that hybridization between D. longispina and Daphnia galeata may have occured. To figure whether this is the case, some fresh material for genetic analysis is needed.

There is only one option - off to the lake. Autumn colours were pretty but rain started soon after we began to row towards the sampling station in the deep part of the lake. Of course, rain is no obstacle, and sampling went as planned.

Back in the lab, Daphnia were sorted out from the samples. Luckily, the catch was big enough, although another autumn day at Lake Myravatn would not be that bad either!