Experimental Pathology Research Group

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Three-dimensional model of incipient oral cancer

The focus of our research is to identify the molecular mechanisms of tumor-stroma interactions that influence prognosis and therapeutical response of various types of cancer, by using a wide range of histopathological and molecular techniques and experimental models.

Our research activities are supported by Helse Vest Regional Health Authority, Norwegian Research Council and Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education.   

Figure legend: Three-dimensional model of incipient oral cancer build in our laboratory from cells harvested from a cancer patient. Using these models, we are able to monitor the biological and molecular changes of cancer cells under the influence of normal neighbouring cells and identify the changes essential for their poor response to different cancer drugs. 

Experimental Pathology Research Group

The group is led by professor Daniela Elena Costea. For a description about our projects and a list of group members and publications, please visit above.