Experimental Pathology Research Group


Experimental Pathology Research Group
Experimental Pathology Research Group

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University of Bergen

Oral Cancer Research Group of prof. AC Johannessen, Center of Excellency in Research CCBio

Tissue Engineering Research Group of prof. Kamal Mustafa, Department of Clinical Dentistry

Matrix Biology Research Group of prof. Donald Gullberg, Department of Biomedicine

Oral Pathology Research Group of prof. Kathrine Skarstein, Department of Clinical Medicine

Microbiology Researdh Group (prof. Vidar Bakken and prof. Audun Nerland), Department of Clinical Science

Oncomatrix Research Group of prof. Per Øyvind Enger, Translational Cancer Research Group, Department of Biomedicine

Nanotoxicology Research Group (assoc. prof. MR Cimpan), Department of Clinical Medicine and Department of Clinical Dentistry

Translational Molecular Imaging in Cancer of prof. Emmet Mc Cormack, Department of Clinical Science

Center for International Health, Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care

Haukeland University Hospital

Seksjon for hode og hals (prof. & consultant Hans Jørgen Aarstad, head of dept. consultant

Evelyn Neppelberg & consultant Stein Lybak)

Seksjon for gynekologisk kreft, Kvinneklinikken (prof. and consultant, head of dept. Line Bjørge)

University of Tromsø

Tumor biology research group of assoc. prof. Gunbjørg Svineng

University of Oslo

Epithelial cell biology research group, Institute for oral biology (assoc. prof. Tine Søland)

Akershus Universitessykehus

Nyremedisinsk avdeling (assoc. prof. Liliana Monica Bivol)



Stem Cell Initiative, Research group of prof. Ian C Mackenzie, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Research Group of prof. Anker Krueger at Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Wurzburg

Research Group of prof. Tuula Salo, Department of Oral Diagnostics and Oral Medicine, Institute of Dentistry University of Oulu, Finland

Dielectrophoresis Research Group of senior lecturer Fatima Labeed, Faculty of Medical Engineering, University of Surrey, UK

Proteomics unit, leader dr. Chris Sutton, University of Bradford, UK

Nanomaterials Research Group of prof. Cristina Sabliov, Louisiana State University, US

Research Group of prof. Milind Vaidya, Advanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India

Oral Cancer Research Group (dr. Saira Saleem), University of Lahore, Pakistan

Koirala Memorial Hospital (dr. Gautam Dej and Dr. Punmagar), Nepal

University of Khartoum (prof. Suleiman), Sudan

University of Science and Technology (lecturer Hatim Almahdi), Omdurman, Sudan

Biochemistry Research Group (assoc. prof. Bogdan Calenic and prof. Maria Greabu), University Carol Davila Bucharest, Romania