Competition and finance

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Main topics of research:

  • Competition policy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Company organizations and finance
  • International economics
  • Agricultural economics
  • Environmental and resource economics

The research group works both theoretically and empirically. The competition policy research is included in Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics (BECCLE), which is a collaboration between the Department of Economics and Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen and the Norwegian School of Economics.

Recent publications

Tommy Staahl Gabrielsen, Bjørn Olav Johansen, and Odd Rune Straume: National pricing with local quality competition. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (forthcoming).

Yan Alperovych, Anantha Divakaruni, and Sophie Manigart: Lending when relationships are scarce: The role of information spread via bank networks. Journal of Corporate Finance, 2022, 73, 102181.

Hans K. Hvide and Yanren Zhang: Too big to succeed? Overstaffing in firms, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2021, 30, 784-798.

Kjell Erik Lommerud, Frode Meland, and Odd Rune Straume: International outsourcing and trade union (de-)centralisation. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2021, 187, 76-91.

Kai Konrad and Kjell Erik Lommerud: Effective climate policy needs non-combustion uses for hydrocarbons. Energy Policy, 157, 112446.

Arild Heimvik and Eirik S. Amundsen: Prices vs. Percentages: Use of Tradable Green Certificates as an Instrument of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation. Energy Economics, 99, 105316.

Tom G. Meling: Anonymous Trading in Equities, The Journal of Finance, 2021, 76.

Andreea Cosnita-Langlais, Bjørn Olav Johansen, and Lars Sørgard: Upward pricing pressure in two-sided markets: Incorporating rebalancing effects, International journal of industrial organization, 2021, 74.

Eeva Mauring: Informational Cycles in Search Markets, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, 2020, 12.

Arthur Cazaubiel, Morgane Cure, Bjørn Olav Johansen, and Thibaud Vergé: Substitution Between Online Distribution Channels: Evidence from the Oslo Hotel Market, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2020, 69.