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Earlier Master's studies

Archive of earlier Master's projects conducted in the physical oceanography research group

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-Dana King. Master thesis: "Disko Bay sea-ice variability: Oceanic and Atmospheric drivers". Supervisors: Lars Henrik Smedsrud (GFI), Johnny Johannessen (NERSC & GFI).

-Sofie Arstein. Master thesis: "Dispersion of Mine Particles in Førefjorden". Supervisors: Mari Myksvoll (HI & GFI), Lars Asplin (HI).

-Thorbjørn Østenby Moe. Master thesis: "Idealized Modeling of the North Icelandic Jet". Supervisors: Kjersti B. Daae (GFI), Kjetil Våge (GFI), Stefanie Semper (GFI), Vår Dundas (GFI).

-Torunn Irene Seldal. Master thesis: "SFY: A free-drifting wave buoy for measuring surf waves". Supervisor: Øyvind Breivik (MET), Gaute Hope (MET), Ole Johan Aarnes (MET).

-Andriani Glykofridi-Fragkou. Master thesis: "Mesoscale variability of the Antarctic Slope Front and the Slope Current". Supervisors: Kjersti B. Daae (GFI), Vår Dundas (GFI).

-Birgit Klem Rønning Rinde. Master thesis: "Overturning in the Nordic Seas from 2002 to 2017 in the Arctic Subpolar gyre sTate Estimate". Supervisors: Kjetil Våge (GFI), Ailin Brakstad (GFI).

-Astrid Bergland. Master thesis: "Surface drift in the South Pacific Gyre: Observations and simulations of drifters and plastic". Supervisors: Øyvind Breivik (MET), Cecilie Mauritzen (MET).

-Ole Rieke. Master thesis: "Future Abrupt Changes in Winter Barents Sea Ice Area". Supervisors: Marius Årthun (GFI), Jakob Dörr (GFI).

-Joan Mateu Horrach Pou. Master thesis: "Deep weakly-stratified layers in the Greenland Sea". Supervisors: Kjetil Våge (GFI), Ailin Brakstad (GFI).

-Aleksander Dürr Libæk. Master thesis: "Tidal forcing and internal tide energetics around Svalbard: a numerical study". Supervisors: Ilker Fer (GFI) and Zoe Koenig (GFI).

-Øystein Markhus Breiteig. Master thesis: "Long-term changes in the Nordic Seas' hydrographic structure and overflow waters". Supervisor: Kjetil Våge (GFI).

-Benedicte Otterdal Nergaard. Master thesis: "Wave energy potential in the area of Sulafjorden and Breisundet". Supervisors: Birgitte Furevik (MET) and Knut Barthel (GFI).

-Silje Skjelsvik. Master thesis: “Two-year moored records of dense-water production and flow through a gap in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge north of Iceland”. Supervisors: Kjetil Våge (GFI) and Stefanie Semper (GFI).

-Inga Breisnes Utkilen. Master thesis: “Strømforhold i Byfjorden i Bergen”. Supervisors: Knut Barthel (GFI), Lars Asplin (HI), and Marcos Carvajalino Fernández (HI/GFI).

-Kristin Svingen. Master thesis: “Dense water formation in the Greenland Sea between 1999 and 2009”. Supervisors: Kjetil Våge (GFI) and Ailin Brakstad (GFI).

-Hauk Morten Løvseth. Master thesis: “Lofoten eddies observed by Seagliders". Supervisors: Ilker Fer (GFI) and Anthony Bosse (GFI).

-Katrine Hiorth. Master thesis: “Late winter response to atmospheric and tidal forcing in the Førdefjord, inferred from mooring observations". Supervisors: Ilker Fer (GFI) and Kjersti Birkeland Daae (GFI).

-Mika Malila. Master thesis: “Langmuir Turbulence in the HYCOM Ocean Model". Supervisors: Øyvind Breivik (GFI) and Alfatih Ali (NERSC).

-Philipp Anhaus. Master thesis: “Circulation and Ocean Driven Glacial Melting in a Greenland Fjord”. Supervisors: Lars Henrik Smedrsud (GFI) and Marius Årthun (GFI).

-Eivind Kolås. Master thesis: "The Svalbard branch of the West Spitsbergen Current: Hydrography, transport and mixing”. Supervisor: Ilker Fer (GFI).

-Turid Poulsen. Master thesis: “Atlantic water flow through the Faroe Bank Channel”. Supervisors: Svein Østerhus, Bogi Hansen (Faroe Marine Research Institute), and Elin Darelius (GFI).

-Ailin Brakstad. Master thesis: “Water mass transformation in the Greenland Sea”. Supervisors: Kjetil Våge (GFI) and Lisbeth Håvik (GFI).

-Morven Muilwijk. Master thesis: “Bottom melting of Artic Sea Ice in the Nansen Basin due to Atlantic Water influence.” Supervisor: Lars Henrik Smedsrud (GFI).

-Stefanie Semper. Master thesis: “Seasonal resonance of diurnal continental shelf waves in the southern Weddell Sea”. Supervisor: Elin Darelius (GFI).

-Ragnhild Stegali Borge. Master thesis: "Application of the unmanned Offshore Sensing SailBuoy for validation of ocean model simulations and remote sensing data in the North Atlantic". Supervisors: Lars R. Hole (MET), Knut Frode Dagestad (MET), and Knut Barthel (GFI).

-Karen Fosse Sivertsen. Master thesis :"Variability in the Geostrophic Flow of the Agulhas Current, an Investigation of Sea Surface Height Obtained from Altimetry Data". Supervisors: Johnny A. Johannessen (GFI/NERSC) and Bjørn Backeberg.

-Kjersti Kalhagen. Master’s thesis: "Numerical modelling of the sub-surface melting of marine-terminating glaciers in Arctic fjords". Supervisors: Lars Asplin, Paul Budgell, and Frank Nilsen.

-Iris Hestnes. Master thesis: "Intermediate circulation in Sognefjorden and trend analysis of the temperature and salinity in Sognesjøen". Supervisors: Knut Barthel (GFI) and Tor Gammelsrød (GFI).

-Håvard Vindenes. Master thesis: "The structure and transport of the western branch of the Norwegian Atlantic Current using stream-coordinates on Seaglider data”. Supervisor: Kjell Arild Orvik (GFI).

-Erna Joensen. Master thesis: "Trajectory modelling around Cuba: Evaluation of relative importance of wind, wave and surface currents". Supervisors: Lars Robert Hole (Meteorologisk institutt) and Knut Barthel (GFI).

-Mari Hegland Halvorsen. Master thesis: "Changes in Fram Strait Ice Area Export and its Influence on Arctic Sea Ice Thickness - From 1871 to Present". Supervisor: Lars Henrik Smedsrud (GFI).

-Torbjørn Taskjelle. Master thesis: "Alongshore flow forced by tides and waves at Xai-Xai Beach, Mozambique". Supervisors: Knut Barthel (GFI) and Tor Gammelsrød (GFI).

-Eli Børve. Master thesis: “The shelf break East Greenland Current: Structure, variability and transport of Denmark Strait Overflow Water”. Supervisors: Kjetil Våge (GFI) and Svein Østerhus.

-Torgeir Blesvik. Master thesis: "Rapid changes in the Subpolar Gyre based on an Ocean General Circulation Model". Supervisor: Helge Drange (GFI).

-Algot Kristoffer Petersson. Master thesis: "Microstructure measurements using a glider in the Faroe Bank Channel Overflow". Supervisors: Ilker Fer (GFI) and Jenny Ullgren.

-Tuva Kristin Fjellsbø. Master thesis: "Circulation, mixing and tidally-induced energy fluxes in Van Mijenfjorden". Supervisors: Ilker Fer (GFI), Jon Bergh, and Tor Gammelsrød (GFI).

-Elina Korssund Andrianopoulos. Master thesis: "On the mesoscale variability of the Faroe Bank Channel Overflow". Supervisors: Elin Darelius Chiche (GFI) and Svein Østerhus.

-Ingrid Husøy Onarheim. Master thesis: "Atlantic Water and Sea Ice West and North of Svalbard". Supervisors: Randi Ingvaldsen (HI), Lars Henrik Smedsrud (GFI), Frank Nilsen (UNIS), and Vigdis Tverberg (HI).