Extremophiles and Biotechnology

Sarah Marie Stoppel has completed her Master's degree in Microbiology

Sarah Marie Stoppel completed her Master's degree in Microbiology on November 8 with a molecular study of the extremophilic deep biosphere bactrerium, Kosmotoga olearia.

Sarah Marie Stoppel
Sarah Marie Stoppel
Nils-Kåre Birkeland

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The anaerobic thermophile, Kosmotoga olearia, is a deep-branching bacterium belonging to the ancient bacterial lineage named Thermotogae. This microorganism was previously isolated from hot water produced from a deep North Sea oil reservoir, and is believed to represent an indigenous member of a deep bacterial biosphere. Sarah performed transcriptomics analysis of cells grown with variuos carbon and energy sources in order to reveal regulatory metabolic networks. A huge ability for differential expression of genes was disclosed. Expression of a central regulatory gene as well as trials to establish a transformation protocol for this extremophilic bacterium was also performed.