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Study on thermostable amylases producers from hot springs in Armenia

Pargev Hovhannisyan, a research student from Yerevan State University (Armenia) worked on thermostable alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase enzymes from the amylase producer strain Anoxybacills sp. K1.

Pargev Hovhannisyan
Pargev Hovhannisyan
Pargev Hovhannisyan

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Pargev Hovhannisyan, analysed the whole genome of the strain Anoxybacillus sp. K1, an amylase producer isolated from the Karvachar hot springs in Armenia. Pargev focused his studies on the two amylolytic enzymes alpha-amylase and the alpha-glucosidase encoded in the genome of the strain and successfully performed gene cloning, heterologous expression and purification of the two enzymes. These enzymes degrade starchy substrates and are much needed in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.