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The research group Health Economics is engaged in research of relevance for the health care sector nationally and internationally. Through theoretical and empirical analyses we contribute with knowledge on an efficient organization of health services.

Ongoing projects deal with prioritization in the health care sector, how health personnel may be used to ensure good and effective health care, organization of the market for health services and drugs, and evaluation of treatment programs and reforms in the health service. The group is extensively involved in national and international networks, and currently we are engaged in two large EU financed projects.

We contribute with teaching and tutoring both at the Department of Economics and in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

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Welcome to Department of Economics

We welcome four, new employees to our Department: John Sæten Lilletvedt (PhD Candidate), Hedda Rytter Tveiten (PhD Candidate), Ingvild Hagen Lindalen (Seminar Coordinator) and Marc Goni (Associate Professor).All four started in August.

Fagdag Anantha

Godt oppmøte på instituttets fagdag

Godt oppmøte på instituttets fagdag for nye samfunnsøkonomi-studenter! På fagdagen fikk studentene nærmere innsikt om:...

EARIE Conference

Welcome to EARIE 2021

NHH together with UoB, are arranging the 48th EARIE Conference 27 - 28 August - Please join us.