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Rebecca Cox awarded Meltzer Prize

Margareth Hagen and Rebecca Cox
Thor Brødreskift

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Professor Rebecca Cox, the Head of the Influenza Centre, has been awarded the Meltzer 2022 Prize (awarded annually to researchers and communicators since 1996) for excellent science communication. Rebecca is a professor of Medical Virology at the University of Bergen, and Head of the Influenza Centre. The importance and relevance of her work has been made particularly visible during the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine rollout. In both 2020 and 2021 she was invited to over 130 newspaper and TV interviews each year, she has also published over 140 peer reviewed publications in high-impact scientific journals.

As Rebecca says, “I am really honoured to receive the Meltzer prize and it reflects the importance of the work conducted by our team at the Influenza Centre during the pandemic. One of the most important roles of the University is to contribute with timely interpretation and communication in the public debate, particularly during a major crisis when there is an overload of information and trusted sources are vitally important. Our role is to meet the societal needs for scientifically accurate and balanced information of complex science to inform the whole general public, but also local leaders and national policy makers.”