Jonassen group

Jonassen group collaborations

The Jonassen group is leading the following collaborative projects

  • the Norwegian Bioinformatics Platform involving partners Eivind Hovig (UiO), Finn Drabløs (NTNU), Nils Peder Willassen (UiT), Dag Inge Våge (NMBU)
  • NORBIS - the national research school in bioinformatics, biostatistics, and systems biology

We are taking part in a number of centres / projects, including:

  • CCBIO - Centre for Cancer Biomakers - lead by Lars Akslen
  • SLRC - Sea Lice Research Centre - lead by Frank Nilsen
  • Digital Life Norway - lead by Trygve Brautaseth
  • cCOD - lead by Anders Goksøyr