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NRC funds Infomedia-project Journalistic Reorientations

The project investigates how the Internet impacts the roles and functions of journalism's normative foundations, its political economy, its professional practices, its democratic functions and its audiences.

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Journalism is currently undergoing reorientations towards a new media situation. The new media ecology and the long tail economy entail new patterns of audience use of traditional journalistic formats. A marked reduction in newspaper readership and television viewing upset mainstream media practices to a new level of ambiguity concerning the future function of journalism. Such a shift in media consumption forces reorientations within the journalistic profession. This project will analyse empirically, conceptually and comparatively the changes taking place within journalism as the profession adapts to the new media environment. Analyses focus on the Norwegian situation - comparing findings with Nordic and Anglo-American media markets through collaboration with a team of international researchers. The project will investigate broadly journalism's opportunities and challenges in the digital environment, ultimately enquiring how this impacts the role of journalism in democracy.