Journalism studies

The Journalism Studies group is large, versatile and active. We currently have 19 members, of which four are PhD candidates. Journalism Studies is also home to the sub-group Media and Sports.

The research group holds regular seminars, is involved in teaching in the bachelor programmes both for journalism and media studies, holds master courses and supervises PhD candidates. 

Since the autumn of 2015 the group launched the ViSmedia project. Project leader is professor Astrid Gynnild.


The ViSmedia project investigates empirically, experimentally, and conceptually how the adoption and innovation of visual surveillance technologies in the news media might be optimized, and how such optimization can be done in ways that incorporate and integrate societal responsibility with high quality journalism. The project is interdisciplinary, and the core group of researchers includes social scientists from Norway, USA, and Finland.

Nordicom Review

Nordicom Review

What is the role of photojournalists in an age where the news media is flooded with images from other sources? This is one of many questions investigated in a new Special Issue of Nordicom Review. Astrid Gynnild is one of the issues' four editors.