Knowledge, politics and organization

Master Theses in progress

Harald Gunnersen:

"In the Master's thesis, I want to give an account of characteristics of the oil sectors' labour unions. Through a historical institutional approach the aim is to uncover what different character unions in the oil sector has. The central question is how the dominant associations in the sector position themselves in relation to the Norwegian "cooperation model" and how the associations' institutional position and character shape strategic choices up against an ever-stronger internationalization of the company, exemplified through the StatoilHydro merger. "


Lars Ove Toft:

"Working Title: Merging of art colleges - reaction and result. In my master thesis I will take a closer look at the establishing of art colleges in Bergen and Oslo. A political reform led to the merging of two existing colleges in Bergen, and five in Oslo. The two colleges report highly different results of the Reformation. Focus will be on comparing the arguments pro and con the merger with the divergent results, in order to, if possible, shed light on recent proposals for fusions within higher education.