Research Group Latin America: Language, Literature, and Culture

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The research group will conduct a continuous and critical review of Latin America’s linguistic and cultural production, as well as the region’s historical processes. Additionally, members will explore different thematic and formal trends within the aesthetic production in the region and develop greater knowledge of certain historical topics.

While our research is focused on different geographical and thematic areas, reflecting the diverse academic interests of the section for Spanish Language and Latin American Studies, what ties us together is our interest in the region of Latin America and the linguistic, cultural, and historical processes there.

The dissemination of the group’s research will take the form of open forums, discussions, and seminars arranged at the University of Bergen, in which local, national, and international researchers will be invited to participate.

Each semester, the group will organize weekly Latin American film seminars. These film seminars are aimed towards students and researchers in the department, but are also open to others interested.