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Medieval Studies in the Digital World

The digital world presents both challenges and opportunities for research, especially interdisciplinary and international. Open science is the future and its exact character is currently being formed and negotiated. This project brings together specialists and advanced students of several disciplines of Medieval Studies, especially Old Norse, Latin, medieval history, auxiliary sciences and digital humanities, from Charles University in Prague and the University of Bergen. Both the partner institutions host a number of projects closely tied to digital humanities and they have a lot to gain from intellectual exchange in this field - the primary aim of the project.

Cod. Guelf. 9.10 Aug. 4to
Cod. Guelf. 9.10 Aug. 4to
Picture by Sebastian Pohland

Main content

There will be three main activities ensuring the mutual knowledge transfer: conference papers focused on good practice presentation, workshops and roundtables. 

In addition, there will be informal meetings and group brainstorming. During the activities, the participants shall exchange ideas, questions and good practice in the study of medieval studies with special emphasis on the use of digital humanities. They shall focus on finding a common ground and mutually beneficial themes that should be further developed through a joint full-scale project application.

While individuals from these institutions have collaborated in the past, this is the first encounter of postdocs, PhD and advanced Masters students in Medieval Studies from both the institutions. Although its character is thus primarily exploratory, individual sessions will include four subjects already identified as scientifically relevant for both institutions and thus fit for joint inquiries:

1) Digital humanities I: new methods in editing and visually presenting medieval texts

2) Digital humanities II: new methods in medieval archeology

3) The challenges of medieval multilingualism in its material contexts

4) Medieval fragments

Please contact Helen Leslie-Jacobsen for further enquiries