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CLIMLIFE researchers contributed to online conference «Climate Change Temporalities»

Kjersti Fløttum and Solveig Lygren gave talks at UiB's conference «Climate Change Temporalities», 11th -13th August 2021.

Temporality in climate change discourses
moritz320 (Pixabay)

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Project leader Kjersti Fløttum and PhD candidate Solveig Lygren participated in the online conference "Climate Change Temporalities", 11th-13th August 2021. The conference, which was organized by the research project The Future is Now and funded by the Research Council of Norway, focused on humanistic approaches to climate change. Solveig Lygren contributed with a talk on The Anthropocene and the Apocalypse: Environmental crisis and motifs of end time in contemporary Norwegian novels, while Kjersti Fløttum held the closing keynote on Genre differences, polyphony and role attribution in climate change narratives. More information on the conference can be found online: https://climatechange.w.uib.no/