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CLIMLIFE participates in new climate festival "Varmere Våtere Villere"

On March 9th 2022, postdoctoral fellow Ida Vikøren Andersen participates in a debate titled "CAPS LOCK!?!!!??", within the context of the recently ongoing climate festival "Varmere Våtere Villere" in Bergen.

Climate Festival
Climate Festival Varmere Våtere Villere

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Varmere Våtere Villere is an innovate climate festival that is arranged for the first time in Bergen in2022. The aim is to make the climate debate more accessible and engaging, and to create a platform where different groups – students, managers, politicians, start-up foundders – can meet and exchange knowledge, attitudes and ideas. On Wednesday, March 9th, a member of the LINGCLIM research group provides an active contribution to the festival: Postdoctoral fellow Ida Vikøren Andersen participates in the debate «CAPS LOCK!?!!!??» (20:15-21:00, Loftet, Kulturhuset i Bergen). The debate focuses on the relation between language and climate. The climate debate has become one of the most controversial topics in the public debate. How can we prevent that the discussion gets even more polarized given that climate politics will become stricter in the upcoming years? Can the way we express ourselves contribute to a less polarized debate on climate change and climate politics? Besides Andersen, Kjetil B. Alstadheim (political journalist in Aftenposten), Lars Haltbrekken (environmental comitée, SV) and Terje Søviknes (vice-leader, FrP) will be part of the panel, which will be moderated by Anne Karin Sæther.