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Philosophy week: Conversations about the value and role of philosophy

"Philosophy week" provided space for conversations and reflection on philosophy and work opportunities, relevance to life and relevance to society.

Filosof og doktorgradsstipendiat Emil Perron.

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On Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 April, philosopher and doctoral fellow in French associated with LINGCLIM, Emil Perron, took part in three panel discussions at the Department of Philosophy and First Semester Studies during "Philosophical Week" under the auspices of the Subject Committee in Philosophy.

Emil Perron has, among other things, a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in philosophy from the University of Bergen and further education in philosophical practice through the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice (NSFP). Perron engages as a philosopher through several events such as philosophy cafes, philosophy walks, philosophy pubs, panel discussions and more.

The occasion provided room for open reflection, as well as dialogue with the students. Emil Perron shared both his study experience in philosophy, work as a philosophical practitioner, previous work experience as general manager of the Council for Religious and Life Stance Societies (STL) Bergen and more through participation in three conversations of one hour each:

Monday 15 April at 13-14: Work outside academia with philosophy student Vivian Steinsund and doctoral fellow Emil Perron

Monday 15 April at 14-15: Philosophy and life relevance with philosophy students Vivian Steinsund and Johan Ulla and doctoral fellow Emil Perron

Tuesday 16 April at 14-15: Philosophy and its relevance to society with post-doc in philosophy David Vogt, former philosophy student Amanda Schei, current philosophy student Johan Ulla and doctoral fellow Emil Perron.

The conversations highlighted, among other things, how philosophy can open up varied work opportunities, but also function as education ("dannelse") and enable self-insight, ways of examining the world around us and giving a look at matters that will be able to nuance an or petrified image in society. The work of philosophical practicioners in institutions such as hospitals, prisons, universities, retirement homes and more, is a great example of how philosophy has found a new place of relevance in the Norwegian society these past years. We expect this trend to continue in the years to come.