LINGCLIM: Language, climate and lifestyle

LINGCLIM activities in National Science week

Several of the LINGCLIM members was involved in the national Science Week in Norway. Among the activities were lectures, debates and a stand on Science fair in several Norwegian cities.

LINGCLIM emotion wheel
Vegard Rivenes

LINCLIM was very much involved in the National Science week in Norway, 17th-29 of September, with participation on a diversity of activities spanning from science fairs to talks and debates. The topic of the National Science week were Communication but there was a also a range of other activities.

The aim of the festival were to create understanding and interest for research.

Among the LINGLIM related topics were The power of Language, The Citizen Panel - The Voice of the People?.

LINGCLIM also measured "the climate emotions" of the participants on The Science Fair on an Emotion wheel (seen in the pictures) and arranged a mini survey.

Overall it was a posivite experience and a nice way to communicate our research to a broad audience.