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Welcome to the new "Gender and Ageing" seminar organized by Laura Cayrol-Bernardo.
Last Chapter – A Late Life Festival is running Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of June 2021. Here you can find the festival catalogue.
Drawing on 16th- to 21st-century American, British, French, German, Polish, Norwegian and Russian literature and philosophy, this collection teases out culturally specific conceptions of old age as well as subjective constructions of late-life identity and selfhood.
Soledad Marambio explores issues related to ageing in the Chilean newspaper La Segunda.
Soledad Marambio is a new postdoctoral fellow connected to the project “Historicizing the ageing self”. She will work with the late writings of three Argentinian authors.
Gunn Inger Sture is a new PhD candidate affiliated with the project “Historicizing the ageing self”. Her PhD project has the working title “Marcel Proust – time metaphors, memory and ageing”.