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On ageing in La Segunda

Soledad Marambio explores issues related to ageing in the Chilean newspaper La Segunda.

Column from La Segunda
Soledad Marambio

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Soledad Marambio, postdoctoral fellow at the “Historicizing the ageing self” project, writes a biweekly column for the Chilean newspaper La Segunda, where she has explored issues related to ageing. For those who read Spanish, the four following texts might be of interest:

1: "Varia imaginación": In this text, Marambio writes about Argentinian writer Sylvia Molloy and her work on memory and identity, focusing in the idea of "identity" as a construction, a narrative that can be rewritten. 


2. "Sobre el sueño": Here, Marambio writes about Argentinian writer Aurora Venturini and her last book, "Los rieles" (The reils.) The text is a reflection on sleep, fear and aging. 


3. "Los años": Marambio writes in here about Annie Ernaux "The Years" and how to register, how to remember, individual lives and, at the same time, telling a larger story, the collective one.  


4. "Película casera": In here, Marambio writes about Chantal Akerman's last work, No home movie". The recording of Akerman's mother's decline prompts a brief reflection on the images, the memories, we keep of our loved ones.