Historicizing the ageing self: Literature, medicine, psychology, law

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A: Interdisciplinary and Intersectional Approaches to Ageing and Care 

  1. Desmond O’Neill Towards Interdisciplinary Scholarship Across Arts, Humanities and Gerontology

  2. Anna-Christina Kainradl Intersections of Migration and Old Age - Ethical Theories and Intersectional Discrimination

B: Dementia and Co-Creativity

  1. Hannah Zeilig and Julian West Co-Creativity, Wellbeing and Dementia

  2. Eli Lea and Oddgeir Synnes Cultural Citizenship for Persons with Dementia

C: Vulnerability, Variability and Complexity of Old Age in Literature and Film

  1. Vivan Joseph Inescapably Human

  2. Cristina Colmena The Archive as a Substitute for Living: Late life in Moreira Salles’ Film


D: Care Home Narratives 

  1. Ulla Kriebernegg Rewriting the Last Pages of the Last Chapter: Celebrating Life in Long-Term Residential Care

  2. Katharina Zwanzger “Last Chapters in the Book of Life”- A Linguistic Analysis of Life Stories of Residents of a Nursing Home

  3. Eva-Maria Trinkaus The “Literary Foodscape” in Ladies Lunch: Lore Segal’s Perspective on Age/ing

E: Vulnerability, Variability and Complexity of Old Age in Contemporary Literature

  1. Jorunn S. Gjerden The Ageing Self in Nathalie Sarraute’s Here (1995)

  2. Teresa Hartinger Contemporary Austrian Literature on Age/ing

  3. Ursa Marinsek A Look at Representations of Ageing in Eugene O’Hare’s Sydney and

    the Old Girl

F: Poetry, Narrative and Visual Art in Scenes of Late Life Care

  1. Tia DeNora and Gary Ansdell “Poems are made by fools like me”? Gentle Methods in Scenes of Care

  2. Christine Hansen Crystals of Dust - Exploring Dementia in an Art Context

  3. Bodil Hansen Blix The Necessity and Possibilities of Playfulness in Narrative Care with

     Older Adults

G: Pleasures and Perils of Solitude in Late Life: Literature, Psychology, Gerontology

  1. Inger Hilde Nordhus Loneliness in Older Age from a Psychological Perspective: A Double-edged Sword

  2. Elizabeth Barry One’s Own Company: Insights into Loneliness in Older Age in Modernist Literature

  3. Linn-Heidi Lunde Are We Living in an Age of Loneliness? On Loneliness Among Older Adults

  4. Sharon Ost Mor The Gifts of Positive Solitude: COVID 19 Pandemic Impact on Positive Solitude Experience of People Aged 65+

  5. Margery Vibe Skagen Montaigne and the Art of Being Alone