Historicizing the ageing self: Literature, medicine, psychology, law

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H: Dystopic, Abject and Utopian ageing in Literature and Film

  1. Marlene Goldman Torching the Dusties

  2. Emanuela Ettorre An Act of (Literary) Resistance: Life, Labour, and Old Age in Anthony

    Trollope’s The Fixed Period

  3. Soledad Marambio Aurora Venturini and Her “Old Bitches”: Abject Representations of

    Old Age as Metaphor of a Falling Country

  4. Adrian Tait Towards an (Eco)Critical Approach to Ageing and Sustainability: the Self-

    aware Society of William Morris’s News from Nowhere (1890)

I: Art for the Ageing & the Ageing Artist

  1. Aagje Swinnen and Hadewych Honné Living Like an Artist:

      Late-Life Creativity and Meaning in Life

  2. Dominic Hardy Drawing from the Aged Body: Aspects of the Late Work of John Berger

  3. Ieva Stončikaitė Literature, Creativity and The Arts as Tools for Understanding Ageing: 

      The Case of Erica Jong’s Literary Career

J: Female Ageing: Poetry, Creative Research Narratives and Visual Art

  1. Peter Svare Valeur The Religion of Old Women

  2. Pascale Millot Mirror, mirror, tell me who is the oldest one: Redefining Women’s Old

    Age Through Research and Creative Writing

  3. Laura Cayrol-Bernardo Vetulae - Depicting Women’s Ageing bodies in the Late Medieval West (13th-15th c.)

K: Ageing in the North

  1. Daniel Chartier Nordicity and Ageing - Ageing in the North of the World

  2. Torje Hommedal Knausgård, Christina Visted Jensen, Éloïse Lamarre and Marie Mossé

    Going North: a Way of Learning to Die? Readings of Vintersong. Ei bok om desember (Hanne Bramness) and “La Honte” (Lise Tremblay)